It’s a question of… getting the flu shot

This time last year, I hurried out to buy the regular flu vaccination as soon as it was available. I found it in my refrigerator in June. When I threw it out I told myself “good luck that I never used it” – but that’s only because I was lucky enough to pass winter without getting ill.

Forgetfulness was not the reason I didn’t get the shot, nor was fear of needles. Fear of side effects from the vaccination was.

Now I’m not against vaccines at all. On the contrary, I think the parents who don’t get their children the “classic” shots are irresponsible. I did however spend several months constantly nauseous and generally “off” after a hepatitis B vaccination. Since then, I haven’t been as “shot-popping” as I once was. I do the strict minimum.

This year I didn’t even bother to buy the regular flu shot when it came out. But now I’m asking myself if I should get the H1N1 flu shot. And even more important: should my son get it? Is it wrong to do it – or not to do it?

In France (where I live) parts of the population considered “at risk” were offered to get the shot this week. Of the people I know, some have done it, others haven’t. None of those who asked their doctor “should I get the vaccination?” got a clear answer.

When French medical workers were offered the N1H1 flu shot the week before, only 10% got vaccinated. Is it any wonder why 76% of the French population say they’re not getting the shot either?

As for me, well I still haven’t made up my mind. People often criticise the police state side of society. But in this case, I’d really like someone to take over – and take the responsibility if the wrong choice is taken…


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5 responses to “It’s a question of… getting the flu shot

  1. BennyDJ

    I think it is all over-rated. I got the H1N1 well I reckon I did anyway. Was crook for a week. I reckon my kids both had it as well. Noone died. That said we weren’t in the risk groups either.
    My brother in law on the other hand is an ambulance driver and his family gets vaccinated for regular flu every year. He swears by it and I guess he would know. So shall I sit on the fence and say 6 of one, half dozen of the other. If you are in a risk group do it, if you are not then roll the dice with mother nature.

  2. Vesper de Vil

    Hmmmm I still haven’t made up my mind. I registered for it, but we’ll see when the time comes. Thanks for commenting on my blog. 🙂

  3. roberto

    My doctor was extremely firm: “No, no, no don’t do it and don’t get it done!” he told me. “The only medicine that work’s is available in Switzerland, but for financial reasons one can’t get it elswhere in the EC. Me as a professionnel I’m not giving it to my clients. I know that the laboratories themselves aren’t sure about.”
    Well that was “affaire classé” concerning me and my family. However maybe I won’t be here to talk to you next spring…..

  4. I’m being wishywashy. I’m a gutless wishywashy flipflopper when it comes to the flu-shot. I can’t make up my mind, so I’m doing nothing. That’s bad. I know. I’m a Libra. It’s what we do.

  5. Jicé

    Well, I have leukemia since 2008 and a marrow transplant last october. Since this I have no defenses.
    My wife asked our doctors if she and our children should be vaccinated, none of them responded clearly to the question…
    Even more, we know that none of them will do it, even not their families.
    So what?

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