About me

I’m a freelance journalist based in Luxembourg. I grew up in Sweden, Denmark, the UK and Switzerland but up until recently, I lived in Paris, France and had been doing so for 25 years. The last 20 of them working for French newspapers, magazines and book editors.

I started out as a sports reporter specialised in motorcycling, ice-skating and football, before becoming editor-in-chief of a health magazine. I have since written about almost everything (and I mean everything!) and for all sorts of media, from contemporary art magazines to underwear catalogues.

My current adulthood dream is to become an agony aunt or have a column à la Carrie Bradshaw. I love solving other people’s problems (so much easier than doing something about my own) and giving my opinion. Which is one of the reasons why I started this blog.

Also, I’m always looking for new job opportunities.


You can contact me here:


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